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About Us

Seabrook Goods & Apparel is the premiere logowear retailer for Seabrook, Washington. We sell women's, men's and kids' clothing. As well as accessories, stationery, and more; including beanies, shirts, hoodies, jackets, candles, long-sleeve tees, fuzzy pullovers... All different brands, all with the Seabrook look.

Seabrook Goods & Apparel is built on the values of service, innovation, and community. We are set on bringing our customers, guests and homeowners logowear that is transparent and sustainable, while also showcasing just how one-of-a-kind Seabrook is. 

Seabrook is a beach town on the majestic Washington coast. Perched seventy feet above the surf overlooking a mile of expansive sandy beach shore, Seabrook features over 500 homes in nine neighborhoods, 18 parks, Town Hall and countless amenities.

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Phone: (360) 276-7000

Email: [email protected]

Address: 220A Market Street, Seabrook, WA 98571